Our Story

I will be glad and rejoice in your unfailing love, for you have seen my troubles, and you care about the anguish of my soul. Psalm 31:6-8


After God, I have LeBron James to thank for our meeting. facebook

Let me start from the beginning.  Sean and I both graduated from Georgia Tech and have been members of the same church since 2004. Unfortunately, Sean ignored me for six years before noticing a post that I placed on my facebook page about LeBron James during the summer of 2010.   At the time, LeBron James was making a big deal about taking his talents to South Beach and I was outraged by his behavior.  So, I posted a few articles on facebook on the matter and the last one I posted was an article describing Michael Jordan’s and Charles Barkley’s reaction to LeBron’s decision.  To my surprise, I received a comment on my post from Sean Grant.  I remember sitting   in my bedroom in front of my laptop and seeing his name and being so surprised/shocked/excited!!   In the time that I had known of him, we had never had a full conversation so this was monumental.   Sean politely asked how I felt about the matter and I took my sweet time constructing the perfect message that I hoped would lead to more.

Our conversation on my page led to a conversation via messaging that eventually led to a date.  And the rest is history 🙂



So the truth is, Alfie used to ignore me at Ga Tech.  I would see her and would say hi and she would smile and say hi, but that was about it.  I got nothing.  I remember thinking back then that she was so beautiful and sweet, but ultimately I felt that I would never get the chance to know her.  I thought the last day I saw her at Ga Tech would be the last day I would ever see her.  To my surprise, I started seeing her at my church, Destiny.  For some reason I felt like I already knew her in my heart.  I remember making my way through the crowds at Destiny so I could have a “chance” meeting with her.  I would say hi, but this time I got the courage to say a little more.  I started asking her how she was doing and began inviting her out to an event I was a part of called Destinations, but I still didn’t have the courage to say more. 

It had been a while since I had seen her, but she popped into my mind one day and I decided to go to her page on facebook to see how she had been doing.  I saw that she posted a lot of news stories on her page that other people would comment on, but no one asked her how she felt about them.   When I saw the Lebron story I decided to ask her what she thought about it…. and the rest was history….