The Proposal

Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, by the gazelles and wild deer, not to awaken love until the time is right. Song of Solomon 2:6-8

Earlier in the week, Sean asked me if he could take me on a date on Saturday, August 6th.  I replied yes hoping that this would be the day that he would pop the question to me.  It had been about a month since we had both communicated to each other that we desired to be engaged and married, and there had been a number of occasions where I thought Sean was going to propose but he didn’t.  I was getting antsy and hoped that Saturday would be the day but the odds were slim  because Sean had a performance at our church that had been keeping him very busy.

Sean picked me up from my place for the date and we travelled to the restaurant where he was taking me for dinner.  The restaurant’s name was Sip and it had a very nice vibe.   We enjoyed our meal together while talking about our day.

After our great dinner, Sean took me outside and we sat in front of a beautiful water fountain.  The setting was beautiful and on top of that, Sean was telling me how much he loved me and how much he wanted to marry me.  So as I braced myself to say yes to his proposal, he asked me, “Are you ready to go home?” 

I was perturbed to put it lightly.  I got in the car and told myself to stay quiet because I had nothing nice to say.  But then Sean had the unmitigated gall to ask me, “Are you excited about being married to me?”  That question launched me into a tirade that lasted all the way from the restaurant to Sean’s house in Marietta.  I am ashamed of it now, but I used phrases such as “You need to put a ring on it” which is pretty absurd since we had been dating less than a year.

When we arrived at Sean’s place, I was still fiery.   As we walked to the front door, Sean turned to me and said he loved me.  The reply I gave is not worth repeating.

Sean opened the door that leads from his garage into the house and as the door opened, I saw these beautiful white candles flickering and they lined the floor of his foyer.  As I walked inside, I saw our friend Maya standing with a candle in her hand, and she was singing “Lovely, Love”.  “Lovely, Love” is a song that Sean had written me for Valentine’s Day and Maya sang it beautifully.  Sean’s brother, Andrew, was filming us and once I realized what was happening, I began to cry.  Sean turned me to face the stairs that led to the second floor of his house, and at the top the stairs was his sister Camille.  Camille began to sing the second verse, and as Sean ushered me to the top of the stairs that were lined with candles, I tried to process everything that was happening.  After Camille completed the second verse, Sean led me into the living room, and there stood our family and friends, all holding candles and singing the chorus of “Lovely, Love.”  Can you believe that??

Sean led me to the loveseat and sang me the last verse of “Lovely, Love” as he knelt on bended knee.  He then explained this lovely structure that was placed in front of me.  Side note, one day I would like to build a hotel for the homeless.    Sean knows of my dreams and he built the hotel with working lights and landscaping to let me know that he is in full support of my hopes and dreams.

Sean reached into the roof of the hotel and pulled out a ring box.  He pulled it open to show me the gorgeous ring inside and asked me to marry him.  I said “Of course” (not at all how I practiced it at home in the mirror).  We hugged and kissed and then greeted all of our family and friends.  My parents had driven in from Augusta, my best friend and her family had driven in from Charlotte, and we had a host of family and friends there to celebrate as well.  It was a very special night.

I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends and I feel highly favored to have Sean as my fiancé and future husband.  Thank you Jesus!

Sean Grant gave me the proposal that I dreamed of and more, so thank you very much sweetie!  You are awesome.